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I am Paolo from Hawaii
I have a 1982 Toyota Celica Supra and have been a member for some time now.
I have been going through my supra for over a decade and for the past 7 years it was sitting in a paint shot waiting for it to get some love and unfortunately that didnt happen.
Things happend and I recently got my car back 2 days ago.
The past couple days ive been getting it back up and running.
Put some fuel stabilzers in it. octane booster and fresh gas. gonna dump it all out hopefully..
But in all honestly it starts up right away and sounds pretty dam good!

Today I rewired the doors to have the 84 celica (donor car i bought years ago) working correctly and have the windows roll up and down.. meaning....
I fucken left the windows down on it for years.... FUDGE!
everything is sorted out and everything works fine. Follow my Ig for the video and little things you can follow me the see the process.
I actually found another car body painter who i trust whos gonna eventually get the car and do it in maybe a month! omg...

Well thats me. I have a shit ton of parts and rdy to make this a beauty once again!.

good to be back on forums.
Been a while

Sorry about my grammar
Hawaii ranked 48th in nation for its public schools.....

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We can manage the grammar :cool: it's worst elsewhere.
Good luck having it finished, generally, $ always gets it done!

That long molding under doors is the Rocker molding.

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Sorry. My ig handle is ItalianJapanese

Everyday im doing a bunch of work on the car. When i got it back it was all fudged.
Got the doors rewired
Getting Panels back on
Key lock swapped
Side mirrors going on
Battery charged and redid the battery cables

Today im planing to get the other side mirrors on and one of the flares back on.

I am in need of a fan controller.
I had a flexlite one but i guess 7 years was to long for it to stay alive...

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WELCOME BACK,Hawaii person!
How do you keep the Supra from rusting to death in such a harsh climate?
They are not waterproof or well treated for rust resistance at the get-go.
You get salt in the air over there and some rain,too.
Air conditioning,I'll guess.

I'm constantly chasing hatch water leaks.I placed Depends inside the tail light covers to soak up any sky water!
I treat my Supra like a truck!

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hatches are the worst!
This is my 4th hatch and there is a rust hole in it already on the bottom left corner.

My car has been tarped and hiding form the rain for some time now.
my car has been re done once already and this will be the third.
I really wish it was done already
I just spend 2460$ on registering my car because it was backed taxed for 7 years... omg
Ive been working on my car almost everyday geting it back to normal.

Flushed the oil
found rust in the gas tank
now i have to drop the gas tank and clean the fuck out of it!
Gonna go to homedepot by some muratic acid and go crazy! and then gas tank seal it up!
hopefully that will take care of it for some time.

Unfortunately now i have a weird problem.
my break light, coolant light and battery light stays on and there is nothing wrong with any.
Coolant temp gauge is perfect. alt is charging at 13.5 volts

This car is driving me crazy!

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Are you trying to use Google Drive or Photos and direct link them here? Direct linking not supported by either.

If you don't want to use something else that does support it (imgur, etc), just use the Forum's built in picture hosting.
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