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Help, alternator problems, fuse or batt.?

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while i was listening to my stereo at not full blast but 2/3's of the way, i revved my engine to 5k rpm with the clutch in to a passing supra. then i gunned it up an onramp to a freeway and all of a sudden my e-brake light turns on and on the battery volt gauge the red dot turned on and it read just under 12 volts. i just got home and need to run to work now and theres not much daylight. i was wonder if anyone else has ever gotten this problem or wat you guys might think it is? im hoping its just some sort of fuse. i turned my radio off right when i saw it happen tho to make sure my car doesnt get more fubar
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if the e-brake and voltage light both come on its your regulator, i had the same thing but it was actually just my belt was really lose but not squelling, oops. take your alternator to a canadian tire, partsource, etc. and a lot of them test it for free, same with alternator places.
could that explain y when i rev it to 3.5k RPMs everything turns back to normal? and if my car is misfiring like crazy, which means my timing could be off...which could also mean my belt is messed up...which would affect my regulator right? so then 60% chance it prolly is my timing belt?
i believe the alterntor is internally regulated, when you rev it up you are spinning it faster which lets it make more amps, i don'y know about the back firing except maybe your car is so low on juice its having a hard time firing the fuel.
so u think its my timing belt then?
Alternator-Had same thing happen in 82 Supra-Not enough juice to fire Fuel Injection-Have it tested!
Not timing belt-Thats inside plastic cover-He was talkin Alt Belt
would this drain my battery sumhow or be wise not to drive it a long distance? because i got school tomorrow and im basically driving 100 miles tomorrow. and is checking the regulator hard or changing the belt?
changing the belt is easy, only takes a little time and some basic tools, testing the alternator can be done at any shop. wherever your battery is from may even do a free electrical system check, I know sears auto centers check for free if you have a diehard.
well its not the belt, this guy i talked to said to just clean the alternator and take off the carbon adn everything should be ok. in other news, it turns out my car was stuttering on acceleration like crazy because i was running on 5 cylinders, one of my sparkplug wires fell apart the second i touched it *eep* so now i accel real smooth but i idle a tad rough, i have a lil backfire still. when i took out my old plugs they had white carbon burned on it. so im guessing my timing is advanced. at least im hoping thats it, and not a broken cylinder skirt or sumthing.
damn alternator is completely dead. ive been driving on solely the battery for three days. and 5 cylinders. talk about one badass engine!
KesekiSupra said:
damn alternator is completely dead. ive been driving on solely the battery for three days. and 5 cylinders. talk about one badass engine!

It's true it will run like that but not for long. Replace the alt befor you kill the batt and have to replace that too and get new plug wires heck I think I even have a extr set laying around...

plugs and plug wires are done, i just gotta fix that damn alternator and we are good to go. im saving up for a 6mge transplant to hopefully do that soon. im just looking for the link that has the directions on how to do the conversion :D where was that....faq's? time to scavange
looking at my TSRM it says i need special service tools to dissassemble the alternator. now im wondering, do i REALLY need these tools? wat could i use? and i dont understand what they mean by sst "a" "b" and "c" could someone please clarify for me? i greatly GREATLY appreciate it. thanx
forget it, i cant even disassemble it because three screws are stripped. im not about to get 6 hours into this. not worth the time and effort. so ima just cough up 90 bux for a new alt.
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