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HELP- Can't find where Brake fluid leaks

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Couldn't find any answers on "search" mode.
(happened a few days ago while driving) My brake fluid went from high to low. The e-brake light on dashboard would light up. I refilled the resevoir to full while installing fuel filter(car on jacks for a few days). The next day the resevoir is empty. I checked for leaks:

-inside, on pedals and sign
-all 4 calipers and sign
-brake cylinger, booster, lines running out from sign

Can't find where or why brake fluid is/are leaking. Is this a common problem. In in the process of swapping mk3 brake cylinder because of this.
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Did you diconnect the master cylinder from the booster? If not check there.
Also follow all the lines from master to calipers.Rust will get the brake lines reight in front of the drivers door,quite often also.
My guess is rsdeo nailed it,booster is probably filling up and needs changed along with master.
I'll be sure to check it. I haven't touched the connection of the cylinder to the booster so I doubt it much-will still check it.
i got the same problem , the brake feel is weak and oil leaks at the back of the brake booster
good luck :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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