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HELP Dropped bolt in motor!

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I was in the process of putting my engine back together after a fixing up a blown head gasket, as i was putting the camshaft on the head i dropped a bolt inside the oil galley. I was wondering how i should go about this problem? Ive already spent at least an hour sitting there with a magnet trying to fish it out, Ive tried vaccuming it out, and removing the oil pan just sounds like alot of work. Im curious to know how urgent it is that i get it out? Its pretty frustrating, suggestins??:32:

btw its a stock 5m-ge, thanks.
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if ur sure its made it was all the way to the pan.. u can try to pull the drain plug and drag the mag across the bottom of the pan and try to work the bolt to the drain hole.. it's workd for me b4 but that was on a 22re.. goodluck
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