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HELP Dropped bolt in motor!

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I was in the process of putting my engine back together after a fixing up a blown head gasket, as i was putting the camshaft on the head i dropped a bolt inside the oil galley. I was wondering how i should go about this problem? Ive already spent at least an hour sitting there with a magnet trying to fish it out, Ive tried vaccuming it out, and removing the oil pan just sounds like alot of work. Im curious to know how urgent it is that i get it out? Its pretty frustrating, suggestins??:32:

btw its a stock 5m-ge, thanks.
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I do have a picture but ill have to post it later when i get home. Its about a dime size hole on the left side between the 4th and 5th piston. I been using a 3lb magnet with no luck. Im not sure if a 5lb would fit?
I have a magnet similar to that. The problem I keep coming across is the block is iron! Its frustraing Because once it gets to a certain point it attaches to the side. I need like a diagram of the inside or something so i could at least try to navigate it or something.
I would gladly pull the pan off if i didnt have to move the engine. It just seems like soo much work for a little bolt! And if its not gonna mess somethingg up why bother? I could just get a new one from a junkyard or something to replace it rightt..Or will it turn up somewhere down the road and bite me in the ass?
Ive tried sticking it through there but not dragging it from the outside..I have a pretty strong magnet too I spose i could try it.
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Right in that hole!
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Right in that hole!

haha try this link actually

Im not even working at the moment, full time student. soo noo money right now to go all out but i will, eventually..
is the magnet on a string?

Noo it was on a telescoping rod like the one CELICA XX sugest i use. but i even took the magnet off of there and attached it to a hanger so it could bend, still no luck..
Hahaha well ive decided to leave it in there and reassemble the rest of my engine. But after i get a lil money ill just get an oil pan gasket and change it out when i get the bolt. No use in takin it off now without a gasket right?
I can honestly say im not looking forward to it tho...:sadsmilie
Yeahh im definetly super impatient..
Well ive only put the camshafts on, im done trying to fish that bolt out. Its simply justt not happening. Im gonna try to get ahold of a cherry picker and take my engine out. It could use a good cleaning anyways. Looks like ill have to go all out after all...
Looks like im gonna have to pick up some permatex and a haynes manual. Ive never used the stuff but would it work on my camshaft cover? I misplaced one of the gaskets.
Haha id hate to order another kit..
Well thanks for clearing that up. I just went to the website, depends exactly what your gonna seal i spose.
Well at the moment i dont have any oil
buttt while i was down there i noticed the oil pan gasket looked prety old or whatever it was. Its a late 84 im not sure what type it is tho, it has a sunroof.. I could tell you the numbers in a bit.
Ive tried fishing around from the plug hole with my magnet, no luck. Soo i stuck an extra strong one on the bottom of the pan. If and when it falls down anywhere near it itll just stick down there..hopefully. I just bought my haynes manual soo hopefully that should help me out down the line, if my engine gets taken out by that little bolt before i get to an engine hoist..
Wellll I got good news! Ive been sponsored for an engine hoist haha soo ill be removing that bolt hopefully sometime soon. I was wondering what else i could do while my motor was out? Ive decided to take my time with this, and in the long run ill be much more satisfied :thumbsup:
That all sounds do able. I wanted to replace some of those wires, is there somewhere to order them? Or is that doing too much..
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