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The two "As" can be seen on either side behind the headlight covers. One in front of the battery, and one in front of he air cleaner. Real question is: What in the world is their purpose?
BTW, does anyone know where to get the stickers for the air cleaner and radiator shroud?
Sure it's been covered before. If you look at the rubber seal on the under side of the hood, it lines up with the plastic inserts placed behind the headlights. Follow the path of the "transfer" of the rubber seal on the rad. support panel and it would continue onto the plastic pieces. The "transfer" can be seen in the picture here on the pass. side of the header panel curving around the hole in the panel just to the right of the pass. rad. mount (above the "W"). Probably engineered to create an aerodynamic seal of the hood to the entire length of the front end of the engine bay.

Edit: if someone had good examples, I'm sure it can be 3D printed nowadays.
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