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HELP!! Project racer bay area cali

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Hello all,

Im building a 85 mk2 into a daily driven/ weekend racer. the car is currently stock aside from the air filter. If anyone from the area wants to help out or all the veterns can point me in the right path that would be great. . .

Thanks for the help
Dez :oops:
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just look through old posts to see what people have done.
first strip the entire interior except for the drivers seat teh steering wheel the stereo and the instrument cluster.
Then you need to cut 6 holes in the hood and run pipes through them to allow for a better breathing exhaust.
Then put si stickers all over it.

thats a good start, if you need more info man i'm just playing, by searching you will the best questions along with the best responses.

Also check the FAQ section on
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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