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Help with engine noise

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I have recently bought a 84 that had the motor torn apart. The guy said that he blew the head gasket and didnt want to deal with repairing it. So i put it back together and started it up. The first time I did it ran really nicley, except for the #6 injector leaking like a wicker bed pan. after I fixed the problem I started it back up and now it had a bone crushing knock in it. It is an inconsistant knock, and the more the car ran, the more the knock went away. I had a friend help me do this and I am thinking that he may have droped something in one of the cylenders. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what it could be? Thanks
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Pull the plugs and see if anything looks abnormal.

Your Lifters will take a bit to get primed but it should not be a bone crushing knock. More like a concerning ticking.

More than likely he spun a bearing.
ahh @#$ i was afraid someone would say that. I was maybe thinking that, but I think I was in denial. Oh well, I havent started it as of reacently, but If the knocking is still diminishing, then I'm hoping for something dropped into the intake. I dont really want to pull the engine, but it does have quite a few miles on it. May as well replace the motor and then maybe when i get a new motor I'll add a turbo. Thanks
how do you spin a bearing? what happens when that happens?
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