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I have had like 2 hours of sleep tonight cuz i been woke up twice to turn off the lights to my 85 supra, heres the thing:


Im talkin like the guage cluster is lit up, the rear lights are on....brake lights...and on the front of the car, pasanger side the parking light is on there, but the sidemarker on the passanger rear is off////however on the driver side, the rear sidemarker is on, but the parking light in front is off.

And it wont turn off, the lights are on and the car is off......WTF IS WRONG WITH MY CAR?

Please help if you can, thanks
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Pull the fuse for the switch and if it stops there's your problem. The switch. Might be the relay too.

Most likely a problem with your factory alarm system.

Read this thread...

And this one...

They will point you in the right direction.
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well whatever the problem is it f***ed my battery, my battery died one morning.....why?....cuz those lights turned on by themselves again, so i have been jumpstarting it sense, i keep having to disconect and reconect the battery just to make sure it dosent do that........wich switch are u talkin about to pull the fuse to (above) and how much do relays cost and how do i know if they are still good or not?
xr that happened to one of my cars too. i went outside and i tried turning it on and it wouldnt go then i looka nd all my lights are on. i cehcked and nothin was turned on. but after i jumped the car it was gone.
same issue once in a while

i have the same problem every once and a while when i break into my sterio, turns out some fucking genious messed with the guage panel lighting and one of the dicked with wires crosses with an exposed hot, i also have no acc circut in my car, but it backtracks through the headlight switch, and watch to see if it blows the headlight door fuse,
My lights went phantom for a while...I name it! All the relays. What it turned out to be was a water leak. See every time it rained or was very damp out side the lights went funky...turns out I just needed to seal a wire around the relay!
it's the light control relay behind the driver side rear arm rest. pull the armrest and panel off you will see a bunch of relays on a bracket. use a 10mm and removed the 2 nuts holding it in. pull assy out you should see a box that says light control relay or headlamp control. most likly the board inside the box is coroded. open it up and check. I just bypassed the wires( can't remeber which ones, sorry) and it works fine. I'm waiting for warmer weather to pull it back out and resoder the board. I'm 80% sure that is your problem. Just look in the tsrm for the wiring to the relay box. this is all part of the alarm system if it is a 85 or 86. if it's a 84 or earlier then it's something else
Okay guys, I know I am necroposting but this is my current problem to a "T"

Pull the fuse for the switch and if it stops there's your problem. The switch. Might be the relay too.
Exactly which relay and switch are you reefering to? I have pulled the tail light relay and the rear portion of the problem went away but yet the headlights would not go down although they would go out.....also this is the first time it has rained since owning the car.......could this be related to my "clicking" nosie coming from the steering column?
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