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you could....
A- get a jdm 6mge engine from rabid chimp, over 1k dollars IIRC

B- assuming it is a crank/rod issue (gotta look inside to know) get a 7mg or 6m crank and swap it in. (must use the 5/6m parts listed below)

C- if the whole motor needs replaced minus the head, get a 7mge or gte shortblock. Swap the 7m pistons with either your used set or a new/used set from a 5mge. Use your timing accessories from the 6m (front and back covers), intake manifold, crank pulley, and the old head if it is reusable or just another 5mge head. If using a 7m block search for the dipstick relocation writeup here- celicafanatic just did it and has the correct size drill bits for sale ($5+ whatever shipping is), jbweld the old hole and seal it all up. Use your current oil pump and oil pan with a 7m block, check the old oil pump for any damage or signs of wear, if any red flags arise get a new one. Mark from Vancouver toyota is a member here and can guide you in the right direction for buying the right parts, no matter what you decide to do. Hope this helps and welcome to the forum, DylanM :salute:
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