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Hey Guys back after a couple years away from list.

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Just signed up after a few years away from the MKII list and I have to say holy smokes! I think I was one of the first to join the mkii list after it merged over from the main supra mailing list. This site now has so much information is unreal. I still have my car and still drive it, except this year as we just bought a new house and I havnt had the Cash or the time to put towards the car. Cars been more or less sitting in the garage since last October and has scene about 200kms driving. This winter will be the big focus on the car. I have been researching the 7mgte swap (have a line from a local guy on a JDM 7mgte that he can get me for 1100 canadian shipped to the door. Differential is getting refreshed, and suspension upgrades. Plan next year is to use the car for some autocrossing and maybe enter the 2005 Targa Newfoundland thats been held here for the last 2 years. I look forward to catching up on things and by the look of it I have a lot of reading to do :shock:

Jason Ivany
1984 MKII (Garage Queen)
2001 MKIV Golf TDI ( Daily driver- with a little Boost)
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Welcome to forum! Yes, lots have changed while you've been gone. I recognized your name from the Yahoo list...Mike Malloy, Chris Wick and I keep things running around here and the site has really evolved (and is still growing/changing). Most of the long time MkII Yahoo groups people are over here now, which is great...this is exactly what we'd hoped for. We still have the occasional problem here and there, but all in all it's working well.

Hopefully you like all the features on the site, and how the forum looks. It's not 100% perfect, but we try to do a good job and keep the flow of information and help for the MkII owners available.

Take care!

- Stephen
Welcome back! The Targa is one of my favorite things to watch on Speed. I wish that I could see or race in that.
Welcome back. I recognize your name as well. 8)
I'm in the process of sourcing a new MkII (that's the plan).
Hey Jason!

Where you been? Welcome Home!

Another Canuck....
welcome welcome, good to see another canuck :)
Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome back Jason - I still have pix of your white 84 on my hard drive. They are really nice photos of a really nice car!
Also, I still have your cars pics linked from the members section..when I posted them years ago. :)
Thanks guys, Hey Mike is that your new ride :lol:

I still have that link for the pictures, glad to see its still active. I have some more pictures on a local forum that a freind of mine has started up that I also moderate if anyone is interested in having a look. (my handle is supraman)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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