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hey im new and i got a new mk2
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Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the CS forums. Enjoy the stay.


Welcome also. Folks here are ready to assist.

One suggestion, in the future you may want to make your subject lines a little more descriptive than "hey".

It shows a little more courtesy, in that all may not want to look at the post and also better for searching later on.
Welcome and watch out for those guys that like to flame on newbies :lol: :twisted:
Oh, I almost forgot, and look out for anyone with the letters ank in their name. :jerkit:
Welcome to the forum the greatest source of information about the MKII

Dick B. :lol:
lol, just watch out for all these jokers... theyre just out to make trouble.

welcome to the gang, and treat your baby right, synthetic fluids and premium gas ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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