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Hi, I'm new to the forums. My name is Jaku, and I made the wonderful decision last June of picking up a rusty MK2 for 2k as my first car and have been working to get it on the road since I got it. Essentially the only thing left is brakes and some body patches.
this was when I first got it. It had lots of rust where the rear seat belts attached
after a wash (not the same day)
the e brake was also rusted in place
Anyway thats my car, (cat seems to enjoy it too)
IMG_20200308_180458289_HDR.jpg IMG_20200322_181121009.jpg
also if someone knows where to get ebrake hardware (return springs and the likes) please let me know.

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Welcome. You obviously don't believe in starting off with an easy project and getting your feet wet. First swimming lesson and you climb up the high dive ladder. We can try to be your automotive life guards, but just don't wait till you have a lung full of rust remover before you try to holler for help. ;)
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