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Is there anyone out there that has a high performance mk2 that is n/a? I've always been curious as to "WHAT IF" there was a mk2 w/a bored out 6mge some high compression pistons (11.0-11.5 or so) p/p head, intake, headers, exhaust...all the bells and whistles. Hmm. what kind of numbers what this thing put out. anybody care to take a stab at it? could this type of setup even be attempted on a 6mge?

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I have a pretty stout 6M in my 83... I didn't do the high compression pistons or big valves, or any overboring. I *did* do the following, however:

ported head
ported 6M intake manifold w/ phenolic spacer
RS Akimoto 9" funnel ram IV filter
RabidChimp intake pipe
pacesetter header (O2 relocated and ceramic coated)
2.5" exhaust
22" long dynomax ultraflo muffler
aluminum flywheel

With all that, I dynoed at 225 ft lbs at the rear wheels. The RPM's were not measured correctly, so the HP calculations were thrown off. I'm expecting that if it were done correctly, I'd be in the 220 rwhp range.

High compression pistons, overboring, and aftermarket ignition could only make a stronger engine...

I say go for it! :)
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