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HKS Super Mega Flow Intake, Worth it?

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Hey I was looking at buying a HKS Super Mega Flow Intake and was wondering if anyone else had one of these and if so, did it work well. I could only see a thumbnail pic and it looked like just the Mushroom airfilter, not the whole air intake like Rabid Chimp. It's only $99 plus shipping though. I'd also like to compare the Hp increases between the two. Anybody got any comments?
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I've had one since i got the car, it's works well..
HKS filters aren't known for their great filtering ability. Personally I'd save $60 and buy a K&N filter. I'd also recommned staying way clear of Suprastore.
HKS Mega Flow is smog legal and Mr. Eng has called it a "Dirt Flow" filter.

Personal choice is a cone filter K+N type, I have a S&B with a 4-1/2" flange to flow adapter on it. Can get wet from rain water but I dont drive alot either.
Yep, it's not the greatest thing for filtering dirt & other items...

I still have mine (my Super Dirt Flow) that has a Red colored filter element. Only made this color in limited quantities. Even though I have about 3 - 4 extra replacement filters in Red, I only install this for Shows & stuff (and I forgot to bring mine to Vegas this year). Otherwise, I am running a K&N filter (unless I have it out to be cleaned & re-oiled).

And I also still have the REALLY old school HKS SDF intake that has the hard to find "reusable/washable" filter element that I bought from Archie several years ago.... Neither are for sale!!!

Hrmm... Another item that I should take pictures of, to show the differences.

I have to agree with most of what's been said here. I have one of the original, two foam element HKS filters, and it works great. Power wise it's probably one of the best out there for flow. And the sound it lets through when you hit the gas is cool. But as many have aluded to, it's filtering abilities are somewhat suspect. Can't have both I guess. As for the K&N filter, I have reservations about that one too. I know many like them, but I've had issues (with a factory replacement unit in my Celica) gumming up the intact piping, throttle body and intake manifold. Some may say I used too much oil, maybe......maybe not. But I pretty much did as the instructions said. I think it's impossible to "not" get the interior of the intake covered in oil residue, and as a result you might have issues with sticking throttle plates or gummy sensors. My 2 cents worth, good luck.

So it's just the air filter, not the whole replacement intake pipe? I've already got the cone K&N filter...I was looking for the piping that replaces the Oem black ribbed pipe. Guess I'll just save up for the rabid chimp pipe after all. Thanks all. Brian

Edit* Whoa, they want $99 for a freakin air filter? WTF?
Yes the HKS is just an air filter not and intake pipe.
Sorry if this is thread-jacking: I have one I'd be willing to sell. It's sitting on a shelf in the workshop.


Jimi B
Just another note...

It's the only legal open filter and works great with the rabid chimp intake. Luckily it's not in a high dirt area. However, if you have one make sure that you have your under enging cover to prevent excessive dust from coming into the engine bay.
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