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hks turbo kit

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I have a chance to buy a 84 Supra that has an old HKS single turbo kit on it, the guy is asking $500.00 for it the problem is the engine has a knock in it which is not a biggie as I will probably get a 6M to replace it. My question is, is there any companys that can rebuild that turbo if it needed to be rebuilt and does anyone know if it can be upgraded,

Thanks for any advice or guidance you can provide.

Should I buy it or leave it alone I really want another sup I guess I have a slight case of MSS.
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Rebuilding the turbo shouldn't be a problem unless its some weirdo turbo. If this is a single HKS kit with the cast manifold its likely a T4 flange which is really common, so getting new or used turbos is relatively easy.
Buy it, buy it, buy it

Go ahead and get it. If you don't use it, I'm sure someone else on the list would love to do the conversion...
for an original HKS kit? $500? Hell... I'd trailor the damn thing back to Cali for that price :D
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