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Homemade Shift Boot/w TOYOTA

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I went to help my friend put this cheap APC carbon fiber shift knob into his 99' Accord, but he didn't want to fabricate the shift boot. So he just gave it to me, and I got it to fit the MK2's :)

So then it gave me the idea :idea: after seeing my old bra from my other Toyota to try an make a shift boot w/the TOYOTA thats on it. After 4 days of finger pain, here it is.

I just consider this like a prototype. I may not even use this thing since I need to still get it to match the console and its pretty thick material :?

If your wonderin whats that in the backround I've taken off the old dash and waiting for other new dash still to arrive. As well as a list of other stuff. But now gives me a chance to sand the rust off the dash bar you see here. And I'm thinkin of using that stuff from Eastwood, Rust Encapsulator before the new black dash goes on.

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