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Horrible noise

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I was driving today, and everything was just fine all day long. I pull into my driveway, and as the car is idling, before I shut it off it make a nasty noise. I think to myself, what the hell is this? :) I believe it is coming from my fan, so I shut it off and, lo-and-behold, my fam wiggles around loosely. My guess is that isnt normal. Any one know what would cause that? Also, should I replace the fan or put an electric one in? If so, which one should I use?
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Make sure it's the fan and not the balancer. Had one of those fall off, nasty. I'm running twin fans from like Pep Boys or Auto Zone but they mount through the rad. It takes a minute to like that.

The fan is wiggling around??? Is is wiggling around where it connects to the fan clutch, or is it wiggling AT the shaft where it goes into the water pump???? Do you now have a coolant leak right below that area???? Quite possible that the water pump has bitten the dust also, the bearing in the water pump has worn out, or high mileage can cause this also. Water pumps tend to die "whenever".
Sorry, it is loose at the fan, the shaft is still solid and no leaks from the pump. I put some oil on it for now, until I can figure out what to do with it, and that seems to quiet the noise to a driveable level, but Im trying not to drive too much anyway. I have an electric fan from an 85 Cutlass, single fan. It had a 2.5L 4-cyl, so I dont know if it will put out enough air for the 6 or not.
is the fan clutch assembly along with the fan coming loose from the water pump mount? If so, just take a 12mm wrench and tighten all of them, although they should not come loose if they are the stock fasteners unless they were left very loose. The stock nuts are "whiz" type and they have the grooves on them that help them lock.
I have wanted to do an electric fan as a mod for a while. Update on how it goes for you.
I took the old fan off, they were tight to the water pump housing, the fan itself was all floppy and loose before, now it is siezed completely and stays on. Do you know what that sounds like at 5500 rpm? It is loud. Im going to go hit up Autozone and see what thet have in the way of electric fans. Ill take pics and post it for u guys.
I had this problem when i bought my car. About 10 dollars for a replacment from the wreckers...I have also heard of people using a MK3 fan/clutch I assume for more cooling?
Got the electric fan, and while I was there I picked up a Fluidyne Oil Cooler. They both get installed tomorrow, so hopefully the pic's will be up soon.
I'm looking to go to an electric fan - can you tell me the type and size you bought?

Well, I tried to install the fan with the included mounting hardware and I dont like how it works, so Im going to try and fabricate a mounting kit. It came with what look like giant zip-ties, you push is through the radiator and it "zips" into a plastic mount. The idea of sticking things through my radiator doesnt seem like the best, so Ill think of something tomorrow, its getting late.
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