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HOSE conection / diagram under throtle body

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any body has the vaccum "circuit" connections, specially the one that goes under the throtle body, there is an actuator with a hose 6" long connected to an air filter, my car does not have the connection at the other side of the filter, but there is no other hose loose in there . . .

BTW, im trying to "fix" a fuel odor and kind of excesive fuel consumption.

ANY BODY ? ? ? ? :D

ANY IDEAS ? ? ? :(

ANY HELP ? ? ? ? :cry:
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Are you talking about the black and brown plastic thingy. It should connect to a metal diaphram that keeps the throttle from slapping sut to fast and flooding the engine. Its a decelleration something or other I think its called. Anyway that plastic part shouldnt have anything connected to the other end except for a rubber thingy with some cotton stuffed in it. I know this is really vague but the short of it is there is not supposed to be anything cnnected there.
ok , i found it by the time i got the message . . .it is the dash pot, and the vaccum transmitting valve . . .DP and VTV.

and for what you said, I thinks it not adjusted propperly or it is defective because every time i down shift it reduces the speed real fast. i will be checking tomorrow this parts to ensure they are in good condition and well adjusted.

thanks for the help!!
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