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how do i post pictures/ new front strut tower bar

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sorry but i cant figure it out. do they have to be on the internet. because mine are on my documents page.... help :roll:
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yea that worked great. none of my pics are on the web only on my computer.
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Yep, you're going to have to put the pictures on a website. Can you have someone host the pictures for you??? That's the only way you can get the IMG tags to work, they have to be on both ends of a URL address.
You post like this:

and it makes this:

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Uncle Eng 5 minute instant rice :eek: :rotfl: :gotrice: :rotfl:
Nice example!!!!! Can't imagine where this came from!!!!!!! :mofo: :bad-word: :banme:
OK just go here:

all i wanted to show off was my new front strut tower bar. i got it off of ebay.
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