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How Do I Repair the Driver's Side Lumbar Support?

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I have an 84 P-type with the inflatable lumbar support in the driver's side seat (little rubber bulb to inflate, and three small buttons on the right-side of the seat that deflate three different sections of the support). The bulb is stiff (can't be squeezed to infuse air into the support), and the lumbar support is empty (no air inside). BTW, the seats are cloth, black/gray striped.

Has anyone else seen this problem, and is there an easy way to fix it?
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The bulb thingy is a sphinctmometer (sp)???? It's the bulb thingy that comes on blood pressure cuffs. Easy to find at a medical supply store.

Or I can check a few junkyards.... Should be able to get the bulb assembly that bolts onto the side of the seat (very easy to remove). Since I'm already getting other items for ya... Will see what I can come up with.
Sometimes the line gets twisted and you can't get air to pass through. This happens sometimes. The other occurance is after it gets twisted it can break but you can hear the leaving the bulb but not getting to the bags.
Sphygnomanometer (blood pressure bladder, cuff, tubes, meter, and inflator). I always thought it looked a bit like one of those, but hadn't checked out just using an old one for replacement parts.

There is a cloth mesh on the outside of the bulb in the Supra, but I'll bet it just slips off.
Props to TomD for supplying the above noted info. In fact, several folks have used his advice and found the fit to be exact.


Jimi B
(payin' respect to TomD, since he's not here)
Has anyone ever tried installing the power seat from an 86 celica? Its looks like an exact fit.........Hooking up the power to it should not be too hard?

You have a PM. Picked up a bulb assembly @ the junkyard today.
the power seats weigh a TON... if anyone here is interested or still needs it, I have a seat, blue cloth, the cloth is a little worn but the lumbar supports in good working condition... LMK
FYI, the inflatable lumbar support is all better now, thanks to some parts (found by members here), and some tweaking of the connections inside the drivers seat. Here are the details as to what you need to do to fix yours, should it not be working.

1. Partially remove the rear cover of the drivers seat, by removing the black screws on both sides of the rear of the seat. You will not need to remove the side lumbar adjustment wheel on the left hand side of the seat. [Note, if you have very large hands, you may need to fully remove this cover, but I managed it without complete disassembly.]
2. Lift the right back side of the seat back to expose the interior. Inside you will see a small plastic connector with four air hose attachments. One of these attachments is straight, and points up and toward the front of the seat. The other three are bent at 90 degree angles. The hose from the sphygnomanometer bulb attaches to the straight connector. The other three hoses attach to the air release buttons on the right hand side of the seat. Since it is difficult (without further disassembly) to trace which button is attached to which bladder, use the trial and error method to determine the correct configuration (worst case, 8 possibilities).
3. Before replacing the seat cover, make sure that your placement of hoses will not cause them to be constricted by any of the interior parts of the seat! This is the most likely cause of a failure to inflate the internal air bladder. In particular, the steel pipe that is the main seat back support passes very close to the route for the primary air intake hose, so make sure this is not compressed by the seat cover.
4. Reattach the seat back to the seat, and verify the system still operates correctly.

Simple, easy.

In the event of accidental decapitation, hold head in place while reassembling car before driving to health care provider. We are not responsible. :lol:
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One other trivial thing you guys can do while you are at it. This works much better if you have the back "seat cover" all the way off.

"Fix those SAGGY storage/cargo nets". that are behind your P-Type front seats.

1. If yours is in a giant knot to keep tension on the elastic that is on the top part of the net, undo the knot. :? (seen too many of these).

2. Look at the giant plastic trim that surrounds the net on the 3 sides. Choose one of the "ends" (either the left or right side).

3. Look on the backside of the seatcover/shell, you'll see that the giant plastic trim is held in by several round clips (can't remember what they are called). Pry the clip off carefully on one of the "ends" that you have chosen.

4. You'll notice that the elastic net "ends" are held in place inside the trim piece by a knot. Grab the end of the elastic piece so that it is somewhat stretched (don't make it too tight, you want to be able to put things inside it). Make a new knot, cut off the excess elastic. Insert new knot inside the trim piece.

5. Reassemble. Admire your storage nets that now actually looks decent & no longer has a giant knot in it (and no longer sags).

(edit): This does not apply to L-Type or MKI owners, since their seat's "backside storage area" is accessed by undoing/closing a zipper. :p Unless such owners have installed P-Type seats in their Celica Supra's.
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Arrgh! But I just got the interior all back together, nice and neat!

And I even tied newer, fresher knots in my cargo nets! :)
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