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How do you remove the...

2048 Views 9 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Flyin' Hawaiian plastic divider between the side windows? It's the thing with the "Celica Supra" logo on it. I need to replace mine... :(

Do I need to remove any interior panels to get it off or is there some trick to just pulling it off from the outside? What's holding it on?

Thanx heaps! :oops:
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You've got to unbolt the top seat belt anchor and the trim part the seatbelt runs through by the window. Then unsnap in the inside pillar trim. There should be 3 10mm nuts that hold the outside trim on. Then you just have to unsnap it. Make sure you don't drop the nuts down inside the quarter panel. Its so easy to do and you'll never find them.
Wow, thanx heaps SilverMk2! :)

One more do you remove the seat belt? I can't see any bolts - do you just pull off the black cover thing?

Thanx again. 8)

EDIT:Oh, don't worry about it...I just got it off! ...thanx :D
yep just pop off the cover and the bolt is stareing you in the face

Just be careful not to drop the bolts cause then you would have to remove all the trim and try and find it otherwise it would rattle all over the place.

Yeah, when I saw how far back the bolts were and the big gap I thought, this could be a bit I got my trusty extendable magnet out and just as I unbolt them all the way I used the magnet to take them out...I also used the magnet to put them back in and turn them a bit...once they were on I used the socket wrench to tighten them back up no problem. :)

Thanx for the help guys! Geez I love this forum... 8)

I've used a 8mm DEEP socket & can easily unscrew the nuts. Just before they are ready to come off the bolt, I grab them w/ needle nose pliers & remove them from there.

Seatbelt anchor bolt. I believe this is a 14mm bolt. Most are easy to loosen, but there are some that are in there VERY TIGHT!!
i use a deep socket, 1/4" drive with about a 2 inch extension... when the bolt is about to come out, i slide a finger in there and use it to pull the socket over the bolt.

just as its coming off, i slide my fingertip over the end of the socket, and the bolt is captured.

sometimes this doesnt work (too small a space, too cold, ect...) and in cases like that, i use chewing gum.
chew it up, then jam it inside the socket.
kinda gross, but itll peel/wash off and for me, its always worked perfectly.
I have a set of sockets that i "made" for just such purposes. I just hot-glued a small, appropriately-sized, disc-shaped magnet in the bottom of the socket. It holds the bolts, etc wonderfully.

This may or may not work depending on how deep/shallow your sockets are.
you can also put a bit of black electrical tape in the socket to make it tight around the nut. I do this with my spark plugs and never have to worry about dropping them downt the hole crooked and closing the gap on the plug. I don't like the rubber inserts they use inside as it sometimes pulls the socket off the extension and I then have to use a pair of pliers to pull the socket off the plug.
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