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how many miles will a 5m take?

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whats teh average life expecany on a 5m-ge in a lets say an 85 p type like how lng willl it run to millage wise i am really hopeing it will reach over 300k miles on teh motor befor it would need replaceing like my audi or any volvo 5 clyder
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Many MK2s are at or approaching the 300,000 km mark with no serious problems...mine included :D
This depends a lot on how you take care of it. Treat it nice and maintain it it should last 300k+ miles. Beat the stuffing out of it and it won't last 50k. Most Toyota shortblocks wear really well (especially compared to domestic stuff), you are pretty unlikely to wear the piston bores out significantly. The stuff that will get you is BHGs, oil burning, and replacing everything else bolted to the motor (alternators, fuel pumps, etc). I believe the highest mileage I've seen on a MkII was in the low 400k miles in a wrecking yard. That car had the most oil I've ever seen in an engine compartment, it looked like some dipped it into a crude oil pond a few million times.
My 85 has just under 200K miles, leaks a little oil, but hasn't had any major engine problems. I've had to replace the alternator, fan clutch, cold start injector, and fuel pump within the past 40K miles, as well as the basic belts, hoses, fluids, and seals. Everything else has held up great and the car still runs strong. Good luck.
mine had 1/4 million mi when i did it in...:(

ok well thank u guys also if u or anyone u know in central rteogon has a 84+supra for sale lemme know aye :lol:
Mine is currently @ 279K miles. Just recently had a BHG done. Had quite a bit of work done on the head. While the head was still @ the machine shop, I was able to take a look @ my motor while it was still @ my mechanic's shop. Cylinder's 2 - 5 were all the way down & I ran my fingernail on the cylinder walls. No scoring or funny looking visible marks.

Treat the motor well & it will last for quite awhile.... I've put 204K miles on that motor in my lifetime & I believe it's still going to keep running w/ the proper care.

Change the antifreeze its changes to an acid and destroys the headgasket most people dont know this. Antifreeze needs to be changed every two years. Most of the time if you change the antifreeze you can prolong the life of the headgasket alot
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