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Ok I bought my 84 mk2 with a 6MGE, Center force Dual Friction Clutch Kit, toysport intake and DT Headers all installed by Toysport. It had a bad head and leaked oil like hell. After Opening the Head I notice what a horrible job Toysport did in this install :evil:. I have since then Fixed the head, got it port and polished, and Gotten a 2.5" piping on it. Now the car had a little bit of rust but I did a temporary fix on it. Some people say I'm crazy cuz while I had the engine out I cleaned it out the engine bay with a toothbrush. At first I bought this car to fix it and sell it to go with a 7M on my black mk2, but now I want to keep it. I keep having people asking me how much I would sell my car to them. I keep telling every one I want to keep it. But after having a lot of people asking for how much I would sell it to them it reminds me of my original intentions :( .

How much would you guys say a White 84 Mk2 with I/H/E, upgraded clutch, new bushings and some Blue Tokico Struts and Shocks would cost? The car has 115K miles on the chasis.

my 6MGE

Engine Bay

Rear of car
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