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Nice looking car from the pics. You are apparently one of those kind of "car guys" that other "car guys" like to buy used cars from because its already spotless and everything's been done quality. The 6m is a definate plus. If the paint is still glossy and the interior completely intact and clean and everything works, I'd say you have a car worth somewhere around $4,500. Obviously if there are cosmetic flaws beyond the errant door ding or chewed leather steering wrap then you would have to deduct appropriately.

Like you, I'm going to be in the same boat when I finish the bluepra in about a year. Its getting paint, upholstery, bottom end rebuild and possibly a few go-fast goodies. I know I probably won't be able to get all my money back out of the project but we "car guys" really only do it for fun anyway, right? I might drive the bluepra for a year after its done to "enjoy" my money's worth, but at some point you just gotta sell it so you can move on to the next project. BTDT. Good luck whatever you decide.

Phil D.
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