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The diffs in the mkII are notorious for the higher pitched whirring sound at higher speeds, this is normal for the age of the car. if you are hearing grinding or low speed noise, you may need to change the diff.

I put the 3.73 (4.30 came on the car) diff in my car 3 weeks ago. it took me about 3 - 3.5 hours, some of those bolts are Very!! tight. This was the first time I've bothered with a diff in the MKII, some guys have gotten times down to ~1 hour for removing and re-installing, but they've had more practice than me. :mrgreen:

Get that rust stopped ASAP and you should have a solid and enjoyable car for many years.


330uk said:
Ive found a car :D .
Its an 1985 in silver / black. Car is in good condition and doesnt have much rust, just on sunroof and petrol filler cover.

Its 100% mechanical but the diff makes a whirring type noise so it probably needs another diff. How much labour is involved in fitting a diff ? Does it take long and is it hard ? Im asking becuase I want a estimate cost of fitting a diff (I have also found a decent diff )

As long as everything is OK, I should pick up the car tomorrow. Got my digi cam ready so I will post pics as soon as I have it.
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