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how strong are the factory lsds?

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hey, im looking at putting a factory lsd into my ma61.
F series diff. Not sure on the ratios.
But will this be able to handle 350approx hp at the flywheel?

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Yes, provided you're not brutal with it. My stock LSD is holding up to 400hp, no problems so far.
cheers man.
yeah it will be behind the 1uz auto, so shouldnt get too much of a beating
if you intend to drag race and get a good launch, better get an aftermarket lsd. busted 2 in 2 launches.
William,your just too rough on the poor things :wink: Qit launching at 6k :D J/K
Busted mine on it's first trip to the drags...4 races did it in before the diff decides to go out for lunch. Upgraded diff is a must for me when i turbo the old lady.
Please correct me if I'm wrong but the biggest problem with high rpm launches is not the lsd in the diff. it's the bearings on the pinion gear that wear or brake.

I have ruined two diffs (back in the late '80s early '90s on my '83 and '84) and both times it was the bearings that failed. The first time causing the angle at which the pinion gear met the ring (crown) gear to be off and pulling two teeth off the pinion gear. I still have it as a paper weight. The second time I spun one of the bearings and replaced the diff before I broke the pinion.

Were any of the broken diffs others broke opened and examined like I did?

What we need to do is design a cutom carrier that holds the drive shaft and diff end straight to one another. This will fix this problem, but may leed to the problem moving to the center part of the drive shaft or tranni.

Best solution is leave drag racing to the muscle cars and drive the Supras on twisty roads. That is real driving fun.
rsdeo said:
Best solution is leave drag racing to the muscle cars and drive the Supras on twisty roads. That is real driving fun.

You obviously did not read about the last cruise we had, here it is...

What a blast. That cruise was what real driving is about and what Supra ownership is for.

Anyone can point a car down a straight road, push on the gas and go through the gears, but lets see how fast you'll take a corner. Or lots of corners as the others found out that day. From the smiles on thier faces they all seemed to enjoy it.
Ok, can of worms openening.

I am all for haveing fast cars and fun but I feel it is a bit reckless to drive in that fashon on public roads.

That said I have been known to break the speed limit once or twice (a day) but I would certainly not drive to the point that someone would need to worry about the cops coming over.

I agree it is easy to point the car in a straight line and gas it but the drags in my area are more for show and bragging rights. It does take some skill (which I do not have) to get the most out of a launch.

To me real driving is having fun and being safe on the streets and saving the drifting for the closed courses.

Just thought I would put in my 2cents in. Let the flames begin.

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Everyone has thier right to thier own opinion.

I just think that the Supra was designed for a certian type of performance driving given the IRS, 5spd, DOHC etc. Even modified.

I beleive that you should use the right tool for the right job. Such as a dirt bike for trails, not a sport bike.
The supra is decent at everything. If you crossed a muscle car with a Trueno you'd get a mk2 supra. It can excel at autox, road course and drag racing. Each has its place. If the car can do it well why not? Its a shame about the diffs though
SupraFiend said:
It can excel at autox...
This guy is smart, listen to his words.

--BillyM =)
The stock LSD is crap. It's because of the weak spider gears.

They will be typically the first to break.

If you pinion was already weak, your bound to ruin
the front bearing.

Lastly, the IRS creates higher than normal wheel hop.

This reverse force back into the diff does it little good.

Any word on that IRS 9" Ford diff conversion?
Lol, here here.

None really, as it's a larger project.

My guess is that it would cost near $1K for the conversion.
(modded half shafts, drive shaft, rear subframe mod, etc).

rsdeo said:

Any word on that IRS 9" Ford diff conversion?
Not too mention all that extra weight and wouldn't the shafts have to be balanced? Just a thought.

I guess the extra weight in the back will help balance the car more towards that perfect 50/50 distibution.
what about a jag rear end! That would be cool.
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