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how the heck to you get the intake apart??

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hey guys,
I am pulling the head on my supra hoping to find a bhg, and was making excellent progress. BUT:
:mad: :shock: The last one into my 5mge used black silicone instead of just gasket on the intake chamber to manifold joint. I have removed all 5 bolts and 2 nuts and the egr tube is loose, but the air chamber refuses to budge.
I dont want to mess up the sealing surfaces by prying, any advice???
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Give it a good wack with a rubber mallet if you've got all the nuts and bolts loose.
You may have have missed a nut on the underside of the plenum. Check that out..then follow the mallet advice.
:D I double checked that all nuts/bolts were out, they were.
I whacked it with a rubber mallet repeatedly, and vigorously, did not move. Took hold of the manifold and leaned back while pulling on it, after about 45-60 seconds I felt it begin to let go,
Took about 2 minutes until it finally came loose completely.
I hope they didn't use any of the black goo/glue/silicone any where else.(probably would have come off faster if I wasn't just 150lb)
exhaust gas connection

there should be 4-5 lower bolts and i think 3 upper ones.. 2 are studs... also do noy forget to loosen the exhaust gas return line near the fire wall or push it beyond the studs... that might be holding it... sometimes it does not move because of the studs...hit it upwards to crack it.. then pull and hit down words....but do inspect to see that all the bolts are removed.. also look here to see all the bolts in the engine section... it will show you all the connections...
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