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You MUST have a credit/debit card to do this.
Register and fill out the necessary info.
Give them your credit card/debit card info.
It takes at least 24 hours for them to approve your card.
Enjoy! also provides translation of the yahoo pages you are searching, so no worries ;)

Things to note:

Due to the service Rinkya provides you, you have to pay extra for the product you are bidding on. Rinkya takes their own commission, and you basically get charged for shipping twice (once from the original Japanese seller to Rinkyas warehouse, and then from their warehouse to you).

In the end, you pay almost double what the original price was.

Example: I bought my 6MGE ECU for $45 USD. After commission & shipping, it cost $100.

The things on Yahoo Japan, mostly, are things you WILL NOT find here in the USA, whether on eBay or someones own personal collection, so most of the time it is worth paying double the original cost, simply bc it is rare and you may not see it for sale again for months or maybe ever.
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