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I'm sorry if this seems foolish but did you disconnect the battery? I know that if you unplug/plug in a starter with the battery still connected you can fry them. If you did that you can check the starter outside the car to eliminate that possibility completely. Just take your battery and a set of jumper cables, hook one end of the cables to your battery and the positive to the positive bolt on the starter. Then touch the negative cable to the back end of the starter. It should start spinning and the solenoid should slam out. You can watch it, it's pretty cool, but watch out because it'll jump a pretty good amount when you first touch it. If it doesn't spin or the solenoid doesn't activate then you know you have a bad starter. If they both work then you know to look somewhere else. I would say wiring but it scares me too so I'd call your local toyota dealership and ask them what happens when the starter fails and why. If it's a common thing they'll probably know how to fix it and can just tell you some things to try over the phone. I hope this helps and good luck with it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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