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How to prevent squeaky brakes? (kinda off topic)

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Hi all,

It seems like every time I replace any set of brakes that they squeak and squeal mercilessly. Not so much with my Supra (although they do sometimes), but mostly on my girlfriend's Camry. Over the years, I have done her brakes at least 3 different times, and they always always squeak. Just recently, I talked her into getting KVR pads with the assurances that they wouldn't squeak. Well, they squeak anyways. I left the OEM shims off, and used the red glue-goop that goes on the back of the pads. I've been told that this will positively prevent squeaks. No luck yet, though it's only been a week or so and I'm assuming (hoping!) that they're still breaking in.

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong here? I had the same problem with the brakes on her old Acura Legend, as well, so I'm not so sure it's a Camry thing.

Thanks for any advice, and sorry for the OT (I don't know who else to ask :) )
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You can use anti-squeal between the pad and shim. Even anti-sieze works well.

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