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How to remove steering wheel?and "SUPRA" logo?

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I need to install a new set of switches(headlights and wipers) but I need to remove the steering wheel to do so. Also I wanted to know how to remove the Supra logo from the wheel without breaking it.(to get to the steering wheel bolt.) HELP! Thanks, Brian
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Back when I had my 83 I just pulled on the Supra logo right off, I dont know if there is another way to take it off :?
The plastic logo piece just pops right off. As for removing the wheel, you may or may not need a wheel puller.

Chances are good that once you remove the nut underneath, just give the wheel a little back and forth wiggle as you are pulling outward...that should be all it takes. I have yet to come across a steering wheel that I needed to use a puller tool on.

Good luck!
FYI, grab it with your fingernails on the bottom of the supra triangle plastic thingey, and pull up and out.


pull the cover off the center of the wheel, remove the nut (its a 19mm I belive), then wack the wheel with your fist 3 times in a a triangle pattern. Then tug. If it doesn't work, try it a few more times, hitting a little harder. If that doesn't work then you need a steering wheel puller. I just pulled mine a couple weeks ago and I needed my puller, never needed it on a toyota before though.
I did mine a few weeks ago when I sewed on a new wheel cover. The nut is 19mm and I used a puller.
after you get the horn pad off with the screw from the back side take a 19m and loosen it, then put it back on a couple of threads and give a few wacks with your hands then wiggle it back and forth should come right off, i ended up putting a grant steering wheel on mine and it was pretty easy to get off had no real problems....hope that helps,
Thanks guys, I'm just waiting for the part to get here now. B
Mine was locked tight! Needed to use the puller thingy. Wierd gadget - couldn't figure out what to do with it at first!

I'd like to know how to get the logo off the horn pad. T'would be cool to stick it back on an after-market wheel.

- Justin
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