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Step one, you need a place to host. I prefer Vimeo; easy, clean, not over-compressed.

1: Go to:
2: Click to sign up for a "Basic" account.
3: Enter your name, email address, and chose a password, click "I agree" and "Join"!
4: Dance and or drink beer!

Step two, now that you're in, simply slide over to the right and click "Upload Video"

1: Choose a file to upload. For file type and dimensional suggestions, see:
2: As it starts uploading, you are asked to enter things like a Title, Description, and Tags.
3: Title: I try to give mine a date, it gives reference. Ex: "09-10-12 TGP BillyM Overlay1".
4: Description: Give it to it, say what you want. Who/what/where/how/etc!
5: Tags: celica , supra , mk2 , track , race , etc... these are search terms.
6: Wait for your upload to finish and click "Go to My Video"
7: Wait for your compression to finish and you're there!
8: Dance and or drink beer.

Step three, now that we have uploaded a video, we need to add a thread and embed your video into it!

1: Go to your video (you can use mine for example:
2: Click the "Embed" button at the top right of the video itself.
3: The embed popup will appear and you can click in the "Code" panel at the top (right click, copy).
4: Here at, start a new thread in the video section.
5: Title as necessary, and then paste what you copied from the Embed "Code" panel into the body of the thread post.
6: Hit submit and enjoy, knowing you've shared some good supra footage with your fellow supra buddies. You'll have a thread that looks like: THIS
7: Dance and or drink another beer!

Questions, comments, lay em' on me.


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okay, I am having trouble embedding a video into a reply on a post in the Technical session.

I created a youtube video and made it public.
I then selected the 'embed' option, copied the code that resulted by using the Ctrl-C and then pasted it into my reply.

When I use the 'Go Advanced' button, it shows the code line rather than showing the video frame.
When I do the same thing in this reply, it works!

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