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Hyundai Genesis thread

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Hyundai is on fire. The Genesis Coupe is just an incredible package for the $$$. Toyota, Nissan and Honda - eat your hearts out!!

Plenty of configurations, including a CHEAPER, hot rod 'R-SPEC' model. This has 19s, Brembos, 6MT, LSD and 2.0T. (EvoX block)

According to Hyundai, the Genesis Coupe has a 24% stiffer bending rigidity than the BMW E46 M3 coupe.
Oh, its wider than an M3, mk4 and 996.

Hyundai released the full specs for the Genesis Coupe on October 30, 2008. There will be 7 models of the Coupe ranging from 4 Turbos and 3 V6's. There will be the Base Turbo, 2.0T Premium, 2.0T Track, 2.0T R-Spec, 3.8 Base, 3.8 Grand Touring, and a 3.8 Track edition. The track and R-Spec versions in the 2.0T will only be 6 speed manual. The R-spec 2.0T comes with stability control, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, 19-inch wheels, Brembo brakes, a Torsen limited-slip differential, a beefier suspension and summer-only Potenzas. To reduce cost and weight, the R-Spec doesn't include Bluetooth, automatic headlights, cruise control, trip computer, chrome interior accents and steering wheel audio controls. The Genesis Coupe R-Spec will be available mid-2010 with a base price $3,000 less than the 2.0T Track model.[13] The gas mileage is for the 2.0T is EPA 30 mpg-US (7.8 L/100 km; 36 mpg-imp) highway, and a EPA rating of 25 mpg-US (9.4 L/100 km; 30 mpg-imp) for the 3.8.
The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is set to race at the Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and select Redline Time Attack Series events in 2009 - thanks to a joint venture between Hyundai and racing champion Rhys Millen, who will drive the Red Bull-sponsored race car on those events.[35]
Also, you can buy the sweet KDM badge sets at the USDM dealerships in a fancy little box. These guys really get it.

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I was behind I guess the standard model genesis today and didnt even know it was a genesis until I saw the emblem. At first I was just wondering why this cars d/s rear wheel had like -4 degrees camber and the p/s was at 0. Then I kept staring at the Hyundai logo like it was a giant goiter. Well atleast from the rear it looked like a normal hyundai sedan to me.
Mike, they do get it. It will be a hot seller. Who knows, I might get one as a daily driver.
definetly a sharp looking car. they are on the right track with the rwd and 6spd. makes it very temting. has anyone driven one yet? do they ride like the typical like crap. most hyundais have been in have felt very cheap inside, like everything feels like it ready to break. ive never cared for that fact. people i know who have bought them did so because they are a cheap reliable car with a good warranty, not because it was a really nice car.
Even the sedan is a sharp car. Look like a Lexus 430
the last generation of tiburon, with the v6 and a standard shift tranny ,was bad in two ways, one it was Front wheel drive, 2. you could not keep a clutch in it, and the stock flywheel was around 1000 bucks, other than that i have never heard anybody complain about them reliability wise.I have two customers with them and the only complaint on the auto tranny car is the fuel mileage.
I still like the car but i like it better if the contour from the back to the front is on the same line. I think it is too messy at the door! Reminds me the 1st generation hyundai tiburon... it was so ugly.
Instead of suing forum owners like BMW and Toyota, they actually embrace and honor them!!

Sabba, congrats on being singled out on the Hyundai Think Tank site for owning/operating this site. If you have not been there recently check it out. They have the site logo posted and a blurb mentioning you in relation to interest taken on forums outside the Think Tank.

Pretty cool!! Congrats!!

From the Hyundai Think Tank site.

"Some of you have let us know about forums and communities outside of Think Tank that you take part in and we would love to know if there are others. For example one of our members "Sabbasaun" helps run and LBOCEAN is a member in Some of you have mentioned that you also want to help us spread the word and by knowing where you chat we may be able to provide information to help depending on the topic. We also thought it would be fun to to promote external Hyundai communities and forums on Think Tank and let other fellow members know more about it. Finally, from time to time we may want to recruit additional members into the Think Tank and could use your help with inviting your friends.

We would like to know communities and/or external forums you are involved in, other than Think Tank. Please select the response below that best reflects your
Still would be fun if they put the 375hp V-8 in the coupe guess is they're holding out a couple of years. I see the V-6 having a couple of bolt ons, and the four cylinder cars being tweaked on by tuners. Great looking platform...this is not your mom's old Excel or Scoup...this is today's Hyundai...the one that is starting to break the top ten in Consumer Reports initial quality surveys. Not only are they getting it, they're getting it done well.
That's awesome. Why sue your fans? You might end up not having any.

Now someone has to suggest to them to offer the cars in satin black....
Scoop, haha! Forgot about that piece.
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I also like the fact that they made it very Hyundai looking. Its unique and bold. I happen to like the lines, but I can see where many don't. I showed my non car enthusiast gf this black car, and she thought it was a Tiburon. They styling is bold like seen on the 1st Tiburon. (a car I do not like...) I would love to see them master the wheel openings next, much like BMW does with the M cars.

raj: Does matte blue work? ;)

ps. I need to get a job for Hyundai.
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Mike, the blue looks nice. I was never a big fan of the Tiburon either. Styling, etc. This new coupe is definitely a step forward. I like the styling, as you said very bold.

I always wondered why some of these up and coming companies never solicited help from the great styling houses such as Bertone, Pininfarina or Ital Design. Most cars they design become instant classics, a strong selling point.
They just might, when they release a 6mt, 400hp, full size sports sedan. I really want to buy an E90 M3 in a few ya never know! ;)
i have 2 friends who have bought coupes already, one of them test drives cars for a living and did a review of the v6 and then bought a turbo 4 w/ 6 spd and track package as a daily driver, his 1uz corolla race car will take care of his power needs. Another friend bought the base v6 6 spd (base canadian v6 is equivelant to the US GT package) and its a nice car to cruise in.

I'm going to consider a v8 sedan in a year or 2 when i want another car. i would just need to get rid of the huge ugly chrome grille on the front.

i'm very impressed with hyundai in the last few years, before that i wouldn't consider one, but now its high on my list because they are a great product for the price you pay.
That is one incredibly sexy car. Hyundais have never really been my thing. However they just made a car that pretty much has sex appeal, power and not at a bad price either.
my mum bought the santa fe when it first came out, almost has 100k miles on it, and never once have had an issue with it, mechanical or electrical. I'm lovin this new coupe, I'm so glad they finally got a car out that's rwd!
I have driven the v8 sedan and it is all that and more. the car flat out moves and has almost no road noise. The fit and finish is very nice as well. Its hard to tell if you are in a bmw, mercedes or hyundai while sitting in the driver seat. The cockpit has been nicely engineered. I have driven and ridden in a lot of nice sedans but this car is the best car for the money...period! I cant wait to see the growth of the aftermarket for the coupe. It could become a beast of the sports car market soon with strong aftermarket support.

I will buy a sedan at some point in the next couple years.
the last generation of tiburon, with the v6 and a standard shift tranny ,was bad in two ways, one it was Front wheel drive, 2. you could not keep a clutch in it, and the stock flywheel was around 1000 bucks, other than that i have never heard anybody complain about them reliability wise.I have two customers with them and the only complaint on the auto tranny car is the fuel mileage.
Last year my sister bought a new v6 manual shift Tib...6 months later she traded it for a Civic. She hated the car. It spent almost as much time at the shop as it did in the driveway. Granted it was all covered by their incredible warranty, but still. Her gas mileage was also terrible for a commuter to school, somewhere in the low 20's for mostly highway driving.

I personally liked the car despite it being FWD. My driving impressions were that it had awful visibility issues, the clutch was hard to get used to (probably why alot of them end up needing new ones), and the seating position was WAY TOO upright for a "sports car", but that I would own one for a DD, partly because I LOVED the way it looked. It reminded me alot of the 6th gen ceilca.

The new Genesis is EXACTLY what I would have asked for from Hyundai if I had a wish list of how to replace the Tiburon. The only thing I could see further improved on it is an AWD version of it to compete with the Evo and WRX, but that might just be better left to a whole other platform. The Genesis looks like it will fit right in on the mean streets, but it remains to be seen if aftermarket support will follow suit and offer enough mainstream products to vault the car into anything other than novelty status.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Toyota continues to fail with it's sub-par lineup. Nissan, Mazda, Hyndai all are putting out sexy RWD cars..... ah, the shame...
Its hard to fault Toyota's business strategy of maintaining a fleet of very average offereings for very average consumers and keeping costs low and profits high. However, to me it looks like Toyota has a case of "Detroit envy" and if they arent careful they will end up getting just what they ask for and end up down the same road as our own "big 3". By entering NASCAR and putting lots of development into their bigger engines like the Tacoma's 5.7 and having NO true sports car on their roster I feel they have forgotten their roots and it wont be long before some of their loyal fan base starts looking for a NEW upstart company like Hyundai to get behind. I still dont see the same quality of product in Hyundai as I do in a Toyota...but its DAMN CLOSE!
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