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I´ll painting it myself . . . suggestions?

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i think I will satart painting my supra, at least the hood, since there is no color and the body does not need too much work and there is no rust, I already made a test with a can of dupli color paint and clear coat in a small area (i know but it was only for testing) , about a square feet, and it looks perfect, no imperfections at all , i hope the entire car shines like it (and i still have not polished that area yet).

I believe I can do it much better in a professional way, any ideas??, perhaps type of paint to use?, type of spray gun, air pressure . . .procedures, prep . . . anything will be great !

thanks in advance and for not :lol: at me!!!
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If you are planning on buying the guns and everything you need to paint just the might as well take it to a local bodyshop....they will be able to match the paint exactly, and it will probably be cheaper that purchasing all the equipment.
A long time ago I decided to teach myself how to paint and to practice by painting a new toolbox to match my new fire engine red truck. I had a small compressor at the time, 20 gal, and a gun that actually came with the compressor in sort of a package deal. I bought a quart of paint, had it mixed to code and just went with enamel because it was the easiest. I wasted probably half the quart fiddling with the gun to get a decent spray pattern on cardboard, then went to work on the toolbox. God, what a mess! My first attempt orange peeled real bad so I had to let it dry and sand it back smooth and try again. After a couple more attempts like that, I finally got an "acceptible" finish on the box sides and lid and barely had enough paint left to put one coat on the bottom and inside of the box. I had hung a plastic sheet to sort of wall off part of the garage for the operation but when I came out of the makeshift spray booth, I was horrified that it hadn't contained the airborne particles, everything in my garage had a light coating of pink dust! I was pink too, my hair (I had hair back then), my clothes, my shoes, everything! I offer this amusing and embarrasing anecdote, not to dissuade you, but as fair warning that its not as easy as it looks. If you decide to proceed, bravo for your courage and good luck to you.

Phil D. :)lol: WITH you, not AT you)
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if your just trying to cover something up temporarly or are cheap and don't care how crappy your car looks then knock yourself out. But if you do care, do yourself a favour and pay someone who does it on a daily basis to spray your car. Your fidling with spray cans does not compare to their years of experience.
I've painted a few cars - the guys above are right its a lot of work and takes a lot of time depending on the job you want to do. For a good job you should strip down to bare metal, etch the metal and spray primer, that actually gives you a chance to practice cause you can sand down each coat if you screw up. Finishing coats are harder and you need to determine if you want to use a one step paint or base coat clear coat type. I've always used a U Do It type garage that has a well maintained paint booth with downdraft flow loads of air capacity , rents high quality guns, and the extra air line for your breather - you find out if your alergic to isocyanates in paint the hard way. (Only some clear coats and one steps have this stuff in it so make sure you read the label - The paint shop can help you out.) If you want to do just the hood I'd still advise taking it into a booth and doing it right. I figure you wouldn't have asked the question if you thought a rattle can was good enough.
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I luv Phil Dupler's anwser's when it comes to painting and body work. Having been around a lot of bodyshops and seen how hard it is even for them. And they have all the best equipment. I took my car to have it painted. I do almost all my own work. But when it comes to painting. If you want it done right. Take it to the best bodyshop you can find. Even then don't expect a flawless paint job. Only the factory can do it perfectly.
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