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i live next door to an auto shop and i go over to see what hes working on one night nd there is some kid getting a NOS kit in his neon. the cars not allriced out or anything so i tought i could hold a conversation with him...when he finds out i drive a supra hes like WHOA MAn blah blahblah, then i tell him its a mk2 "the white one with no front clip and a buncha black and primer parts on it" and h's like oh, i thought it was one of the 'good ones'

anyway his car was a first gen four door auto neon, so i made a crck about nitrousing a snaptite model and he informs me that he'll take my supra WITHOUT juice.

***DISCLIMER***i don't street race any more, i know its evil and unsafe, but it is my preferred way to support local law enforcement...

i couldn't help it and we went down the street on the way outta town and launched from a stop sign. he got the jump on me, but i bet that was because he was the one that said go, any way i launched at about 3200 and spun the tires a bit, grabbed second, and pulled past him, slapped it into third ( a feat in my car as both bushing are GONE)...i had turned around by the time i saw him again

we got back and i said you wanna try it WITH the juice, and he just looked at the floor and grumbled, i found out the next dayfrom the mechanic that he HAD fired his nos TWICE during the race...

guess its a good thing i don't drive one of the "good" supras huh?

83 P(os) type
header, intake, custom exhaust, and approx. 1/3 of the car missing
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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