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Well okay, the head for my Supra. :D Complete rebuild job, cost was about $300, done by a racing shop that does sprint car work.

Turns out it was warped 17 thousandths out of spec. The shop pulled it apart, planed the warped crap off, cleaned, lapped the valves, etc. Looks like a very clean job; I'll post pics when I get a camera again.

Earlier I posted looking for replacement head bolts... the ARP stud kit is a little too pricey for me at $100 right now. This is just going to be a bone-stock rebuild. Any other suggestions?

While I'm in there, the timing belt is going to be changed, as is the fuel filter and all seals on the top end. Anything else that I should at least take a look at?

Any other things I need to be aware of while putting the engine back together?

The wrenching continues next weekend...


84 MKII L-type
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