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owch, sounds like you got the cop from hell...

i find city cops to be cocks... they hassled me ALL the time when i had my truck, amazingly (knock on wood) not nearly as much in the car.
i get followed and they run the plate all the time, but so far no major problems.

lol, on the other hand, outa town cops are cooler, i was kinda not paying attention the other day and i blew past one at about 140 in a 100 zone, and he turns on the lights, so i immediately move over into the outside lane and slow down to pull over.
when i slow down to 100 kph, he turns them off and goes back to whatever he was doing.

another cop busted me for doing 140 out of town, again in a 100 zone... man i must like goin 40 over... and he "liked my attitude" so i got off with a 120, cutting my fine from 200+ and 4 out of 7 demerits, right down to $86 and 3 demerits. :D

so guys, just smile and remember when you get a nice cop, to treat them like gold, cause itll probably help you in the long run.

when you get an asshole, just grit your teeth and cuss him quietly while hes in his car. :)
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