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I need help with finding the right gas tank for my celica

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I have a 1997 celica st, my gas tank is leaking and I need a new one (it holds 12 gallons) thing is tho when i started searching for parts I would put my cars information and I would always be shown with gas tanks that were 15.9 gallons. My question is why do I get shown 15.9 gallon tanks and not 12 gallons tanks, and if my cars gas tank is supposed to be standard 12 gallons or 15 gallons
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Could be several reasons for this, but we aren't really a celica st forum, so you're probably not going to get great responses from us here. You could try this site though for your parts, enter your VIN and it should get you to a complete parts list for that vehicle. If it doesn't come up right in that, then I'm gonna say either your tank is not a 12 gal tank as you think (why do you believe it is that size anyways? Because of how much you've put into it when it shows empty?) or maybe someone installed a different tank in the vehicle before you bought it (highly unlikely), or you have one of those strange models that had some sort of "package" or "trim level" that isn't standard.

Look there for the correct part number using only your VIN #, then use other sites like toyotapartsdeal if the part number still shows available, or resort to Amayama or Megazip or for out-of-country new old stock (NOS).

An alternative, depending on the size of the hole in your tank, is to get it welded up. Exhaust/radiator shops should be able to handle this type of work.
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