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Ok here goes
I have some rims on mk2 that are 15" and they had some 205/60/15. Before, they were mine they use to be HCogeHC's rims, He went to put some tires on them a while back, Falkens ZE-502 ZIEX but they didn’t have the right size so they put on 205/65/15's. Now those tires are gone and I need to put some new ones on. I was looking around and using both of the tire size calculators to see what I can do and get. Now here is my question: The rims first came with some 205/60/15, we put 205/65/15, can I put on some 215/60/15 tires on my rims or would they be too wide for the rim its self? Can I go with a Lower profile?
Which tire would best fit my rims?
205/50/15 or 215/50/15
205/55/15 or 215/55/15
205/60/15 or 215/60/15
205/65/15 or 215/65/15
I’m also trying to keep the cost of tires under $250

Sites I have looked at for tires

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How wide you can go depends on how wide the rim is. Of the choices you listed, 205/60-15 is stock height.

A 215/55-15 is very close on the smaller side of stock (Speedo=60, actual 59)
A 225/55-15 is closer, but on the taller than stock side, close enough not to make a difference at 60.

As for the best, go as wide as your 250 budget can go.

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