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I would dump the Gude cams. I've never heard of someone who had them that liked them. And in so far as your motor build-up, if you wanna run 12 PSI AND nitrous, Forged pistons and a MHG are manditory. You'll be building nothing but an expensive paperweight if ya don't.

MHG's are not hard to install, however, the block has to have a SUPER smooth finish. I forget the exact spec (but I am sure that someone will chime in with it), but I actually had a problem finding a machine shop that could machine the head and block that smooth.

Another recomendation I would make is forged Rods. That much power and stress will turn a stock rod into mush quickly.

The iridium plug, I would change for coppers. While Iridiums are great for dyno runs, they aren't that great on the street.

The last thing I would reccomend is to get an aftermarket intercooler. The stock mk III one is... well, we'll just call it less than optimal and leave it at that...
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