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hey everyone... iiii'mmmm baaaaaack :)

iv'e been riding the bike all summer and how it is time to get back in the swing of the supra.

summer findings:

1. still oil fouled cylinder 5...valve seals?

2. still 200psi across all 6 cylinders

3. new clutch disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing.

4. bought a conversion kit from autozone to change the sealed beams to h4 halogens... not installed yet.

5. rust finally hit the supra on the rear passenger side fender by the bumper..any suggestions or any one with a good fender?

6. found out my gas problem... not to mention power...both cams were each a tooth off.

7.sealed differential axel.. which is leaking again... also the diff is getting work out... i can move the driveshaft a 1/4 inch before the wheels move.

8. might be getting a 5mge with a spun bearing for 50 bux... so turbo maybe soon?..big maybe

9. did the seam foam trick too... took the whole can and burned for 2 days straight lol
10. new rear calipers... mine locked up

wow i did alot of stuff lol.

got anything or ideas for me let me know...


(ps... i was comming back from Ocean City md the other day and i saw a gray supra with the decal on the back. i was riding my green 95 kawasaki ninja with my friend with a blue and white 97 suzuki gsxr any one here?)

chad :)
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