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I'm bizzack

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okay, I dont know if you guys remember me or not, but I'm back.
The great falkon has just graduated Navy bootcamp yesterday, and now I'm making plans to go home, and buy this accursed supra I've been after for the past 3 years. Only problem is, it doesn't run. Hasnt for 4 years. And I'm only gonna have about a week to get it up, and running, and from savannah, ga, back to great lakes, Ill.

Pray for me, cause it's gonna be my drifter.
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Congrats on making it thru Boot man! Speaking as a Former Jarhead, I know all bootcamps, in some form or another are a real test.. glad to see ya made it!!

AS for the Sup... best of luck man!!
congrats... as a kinda lazy guy, who had to do a week and a half of boot.... damnnnn, that sucked!
Good luck getting that thing running, maybe you'll have to take a cruise to Wisconsin some time, meet up with me, MK2Racer, and 4Sfed... You can never have enough supras in one place :D
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