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i eat sleep turbos if it dont have a turbo its f**** slow
and no it was not a oem fuel pump and i can run 25 psi safly but thing strat to git hasty win runing in the 30s the pipe that gos over the moter like to come off and im runing a low comperasin 3.0 im not a 2.8 any more would like to run a 3.4 llike the jz my brother has still cant say with him that 6speed relly turns on at top end lol im not full of bs and i dont sit here 247 i work
on my cars and i tune ecus/pme fo my living like gtos fords but manly the ls moter the 5m/6m is still the sexy supra moter lol
doodz, ur all cot in a lye

1 - 20 of 25 Posts