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Im sick of rear camber.

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Im sick of looking at that rear camber. I have new springs/shocks in the back but the neg camber is still there.

I'm sure everyone wants to know, because in most pictures taken of mk2's the camber is noticable... but I thought I'd ask anyway.
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get 2 used rear arms and get a fabrication shop to make you new tubular bars with adjustable camber.

It HAS to be done... its not a matter of money when it is a neccitty, id save on tires in the long run.

ive got two more mint control arms, so im half way there.
just find a shop that fabs custom arms for offroad trucks , dune buggys, or mustangs.

you can even get spherical bearings, alignment adjustment points and all sorts of fun things installed while fabricating. :idea:
The simple way is to slot the crossmember and add an eccentric to the outside mount. If you are handy with welding and fabrication this is a relatively simple mod.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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