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Important oil cooling problem with the stock 7mgte

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the stock 7m oil cooling unit is crap IMOP! no one should run their car with the stock unit. let me explane why. The stock cooling system is on a pressure relief valve. what this means is that your motor has to hit x amount of oil pressure before the oil will get to be cooled and the oil thats cooled will not be filterd. not to mention the oil cooler is only like a -3 or -4 line. If you look at the next pic

you can see how this works. you have to use a oil filter relocater to drop a 7m in a mk2 so instead of just adding the kit to the stock system ie where the filter went you should take the oil cooler relief valve of and stick the adapter straight to the block. you will have to take a threaded nut of a 5m or 7mge so you now have something to thread the adapter onto then run -8 lines to you remote oil fillter, then to a new bigger oil cooler and back to the adapter. this way all your oil is filterd and cooled all the time at idel and at full wap. i run my car this way and i have found that i have lower engien temps then most. i have yet to prove its do to the oil cooler but if you think about it where would you want to stick your cooled oil back in the system or into the pan. it just makes sence and you dont have to drill a hole in you oil pan to have a oil cooler return line.
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Oil to water coolers are MUCH more thermally efficient than oil to air. I believe the ratio is something like 10 times more efficient, but don't quote me on that one.

I got the biggest "transmission" oil cooler I could get from Checker Auto (something like $80), mounted it to the front of my radiator, then I ran the lines from the filter to the cooler, then out the cooler and into the tranny cooler fittings at the bottom of the radiator, and the return oil is piped into the top of the exhaust side of the head. I have a large oil to air cooler (forced air pulled across it) and also oil to water. If for some reason the oil is overcooled (ie: winter months), the water in the radiator will warm it back up to operating temp. If the air cooling is not sufficient (ie: Summer in Phoenix), the radiator water will help cool it much more.

I kept the pressure valve on the oil filter adapter because if for some reason the oil pressure gets too low, getting oil to the engine is MUCH more important than cooling the oil and helps maintain pressure throughout the entire oiling system, as the turbo and piston oiling jets need lots of volume to maintain proper oil flow. 8)

Just my 2 cents. :wink:
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