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In a real BAD situation need advice/help/buyers!! LONG!

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Ok guys Im really screwed right now. Ill try and sum up my story really quickly but I could really use all the input I can from you guys!

My friends father died wed. night. Hes my best friend and hes like a brother and his father was like my own. His mother is not going to be well off at all and I really need to help them out but Ive been really broke trying to go about this turbo 6M thing with my car. Ive come a really long way with it all, but unfortunately (really unfortunately) Im going ot hav eto part the car out now. I took my head to machine shop to get a slight rebuild/resurface type thing and long story short they are really shisty and I know they are trying to scam me out of money. Ive had to buy a complete head gasket set and now they say I need new lifters (cause they broke 3-4 of them trying to get them out of the head) which he said he ordered for a price of $50 each and we know theres 12 of them. Which means he wants another $500 from me aside from the $250 rebuild price which is outrageous to me, and there is now way I could come up with that kind of money. Im really screwed here guys.

The only thing I can do know is either let them keep the head and say screw it. Or take the head back and pay him the $200 or so for what hes done already and try and sell it (if you guys think I could). The head has basically new everything except lifters. New valve guides, and every single new seal there is and a fresh resurface (.010 taken off of it). I doubt I could get more than the $200 for it since it doesnt have lifters now :cry: so I assume just say screw it and leave it with them.

Now for the rest of the car, I have everything to make a 5M/6M a turbo car. so far I have all the rabid chimp oil and coolant lines which have never even been taken out of the box are brand new and look great! CT-26 in awesome shape, manifold in great shape, gaskets, cartech RRFPR, 295cc injectors and clips, walbro 255lph with install kit never opened brand new!, along with many other parts, Im not going to go into to much detail but Id like to sell the whole car as is (w/out head) Its a 6M motor with 185-190 psi in all cylinders (new water pump, t belt, gaskets...etc), very straight body, 84- ptype 4 brand new 235/65 tires... I have a lot of money put into this thing and want to knwo if you guys think I should part it out or try an sell it as a whole as someone might be interested in just finding a head putting it on and having a badass turbo MK2.

So what does everyone think? I mean I ahve to go to this funeral and Ill be helping out around there house for the next week or so, but I will have time very soon to start shipping things if need be. So please, any and all input is wanted for what I shoudl do right now. I can ride around on my bike (thank god I have one for transportation) for the time being. Thanks for reading everyone!

Austin Candela
602 363 1738 (in case anyone has any advice)
[email protected]
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Well I just dont think Ill be ble to get much at all for the head. I mean hes asking me for the full $250 for the head even though he hasnt assembled it again or anything. So I do not think its even worth me going there and getting it for $250 as the incomlete head isnt even worth that, so if I sold it Id be screwed.

But thanks for the advice I think I will try and get rid of the car as a whole.
Look bud, not to be mean but I am DEAD FUCKN BROKE and am not looking to by anything, but instead sell something and/or get advice. Again not trying to be an ass, but I need money as quick as possible!
Well the reason I want to do this is because I need money right now. You guys gotta understand that you know. I mean I love the supra and would keep it if I could, even if it were running right now Id still sell it because I need the money. Me getting around on a bike is fine, Ive been riding for about 2 years and it has been my only source of transportation for at leist 3-4 months at a time...yes its hot but you gotta do what you gotta do you know.

So do you think I should just try and sell the stuff i have for the turbo then buy a junkyard head with it then sell the car? You make a really good point Phil, but if I could sell the car not running as is w/ all the turbo parts then Id do that in a heartbeat. But maybe the other way you said would be best as I could prolly find a local junkyard head. Thanks a lot guys. And sloopercat, NP man, i really wasnt trying o come off as a dick but i know I did kinda. I just dont want to have to spend money to make money.... I am flat broke right now and my job pays my rent/food etc so I cant use that. i have to egt some money to my friends family as they are basically my own family, you know what I mean. He was the only source of income to them and his death was unexpected.... they need help more than I need my supra whic makes me sad :cry: but its life
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Alright guys.... I DONOT WANT TO BUY ANYTHING!!!! :mad:
No i know that and Im just trying to let you guys know I cannot afford anything at all right now. And even if my car were back on teh road then id have to sell it immediately. So if anyone is interested just check out my clssified add. Thanks
Yes well i just took a small loan out to pay everything off. So my new plan is to just sell all the turbo stuff and get the car running again you know. I have everythign to turbo thecar and it sucks but oh well. Thanks guys
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