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These IRS parts were originally on my car. Last year, while planning to upgrade the entire rear I got spares of each part to get bushings pressed and brackets welded on so that I could still drive my car while getting these mods done on the side when I had time (new sleeves and bushings, camber brackets welded, rear sway bar brackets for control arms welded). This was very helpful since my car is daily driven and these mods required several days and I'm not a welder. Well, all the bushings and upgraded brackets are now installed & welded and the rear is completed.

Link to thread for Dave's Rear Camber Mod Brackets for picture of it all installed on my car (last post:119)

Things to note on parts:
-All the E-Brake parts (springs, hooks, etc.) for each control arm are included (bagged)
-No E-brake cord.
-These are original unmodified parts with original bushings still in.

-Driver side rear control arm sway bar bracket is broken (see picture).
-Passenger side backing plate for dust sheild is bent on lower section (see picture)

$140 for all of it local pickup Sacramento area

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