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injector seals for 5/6mge

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my 5mge i think was leaking vacuum at the #6 injector seal, and wasn't idling right. so I took off the upper manifold and the injector feed bar and removed it.

Here's my problem. I bought an injector seal kit at napa ($4) for my make/model year. It included a oring which had a squared cross section as the seal to the manifold. It seemed a little loose on the fit to the injector, so i decided to go to toyota to make sure i got the right part.

i bought 6 ($4 one seal only) at toyota that look and fit the same. I decided there must be a little bit of squeeze fit when it's mounted to seal the vacuum, but when the feed bar is tightened, there's no, or very little, pressure to squeeze that seal onto the injector. I'm afraid it will leak worse than the ones that came out, which have a tighter fit onto the injector.

To compound my confusion, the gasket kit I bought whewn I freshened the motor had a set of seals in it. They are form fitted to the hole in the manifold, like the ones that came out of the car, but the center hole is way too small to fit the injector.

Do I have the right seals, and should continue to assemble the manifold, or what? Anyone know how the seals evolved through what models, and if they are compatible?

I just don't want to have to do this over again. It's easy enough out of the car, but not so easy in the car.

Thanks for the help.
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i would think that the form fitting ones would be the ones HOWEVER, the formfitting ones may be too small and your car may turn into a match like mine did
yeah it wasn't that bad because unlike alotta poeple that when their car gets a flame they run i immediately turned off the ignition and ran for the water hose. a few wires were crispy but it wasn't that bad.
Today, I ran a simple test. I put an old seal on the injector, held it so the weight of the injector was pulling against the seal. Against gravity, it held. Then I tried it with the new ones, and the injector just fell out. I decided that was not satisfactory.

I took a good look at all my seals, and decided I was most comfortable with the form fitted ones where the center hole was too small. I decided WTF, and took them to my drill press to try to ream them out so they would fit my injectors. To my suprise, it worked like a charm. There is a metal washer inside so you could grab them with vise grips or pliers. They were still tight, so I put them into the manifold first with some grease inside and out. Then I installed the injectors, and with just a little pressure they popped in!. So I buttoned everything up and it runs great, no vacuum leaks.

I think I'll take the others back to Toyota and get my $24 back.
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