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Instrument cluster

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I have an 84 toyota supra....i am having problem with my speed ometer...everything on the right side works (RPM,Battery,Fuel) and everything on the left side doesn't (Speed Ometer,Oil Pressure,Water Temp) can anyone help me??
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sounds like one of the three(or is it 2?) harnesses are loose or not plugged in. Have you had the cluster out lately for anything? If so, you may not have snapped it in completely and it worked its way outta the hole. Pull it and re-seat all the connectors...
definitlty check those connectors somthing may have came loose, i did that once, still have the problem, too lazy to fix it, i forgot to plug back in my rear defrost and cruise control.....if that is not the problem then you may want to look at a wiring diagram to figure out where to go next....its most likely a loose connection
yeah, if half it works then you know it's something with the wiring and most likely not the part itself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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